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Stories about danish beer, danish breweries and danish beerlabels from the period where people in Denmark drank Hvidtøl no 1, 2 og 3. The site is written entirely in danish - but you can enjoy the labels from Viborg Skald and Randers Buur Beer and the other old danish types of beer. Enjoy several Skibsøl, Kroneøl, and Bitterøl; see the first danish Pilsner, several health- and Xmax-beers, lunchbeer, villagebeers, brown beers, see the imported types Viennabeer, Dortmunder, Münchener, Wiener, and all other types of beer brewed and drunk in Denmark.

  Bukøl from 1900. The netetiket,dk site contains more than 360 beerlabels from more than 120 danish breweries  

The labels tells the stories on this site. The site shows labels from my collection of old and new danish beerlabels. Do you have any labels or histories i dont have on my site - please contact me at flemming@netetiket.dk

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